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What Have I Got?

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WHAT HAVE I GOT? is an all-new, 12-part original series that explores medical anomalies in a mystery diagnosis format that encourages viewers to play the doctor alongside the show’s experts. In each episode of WHAT HAVE I GOT?, viewers meet three ordinary individuals with uncanny medical conditions. Sometimes emotional, other times humorous, and always captivating, these individuals reveal their symptoms in a series of carefully crafted clues. On-screen graphics tease a multiple choice of possible illnesses and test viewers’ ability to piece clues together to come up with their own diagnoses. From a man with no nipples to a woman whose eyes only open when she sings – some ailments stump even the experts. Medical professionals featured in the series range in expertise from surgeons to cosmetic medicine specialists. They will use their varied knowledge to help eliminate possible disorders, eventually revealing a final diagnosis that answers the patients’ burning question: What have I got? But it doesn’t end here – WHAT HAVE I GOT? also follows up with patients after their diagnosis, as they embark on a journey seeking treatments and cures for their conditions.