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What Not To Wear 8

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Coming to TLC this October is ‘What Not to Wear', an enlightening series which provides a life-changing fashion makeover for people nominated by their friends and family. Fashion disasters should be handled by the professionals, and style experts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly have made a pledge to rescue the frumpy, the mismatched and the poorly dressed. See Serrita, whose phobia of being frumpy has caused an unholy alliance with Spandex and Lycra; Sarah an aspiring lawyer who knows how to argue her case in court, but when it comes to defending her barely legal style, the judgment is guilty; and Erin a country music magazine writer who uses a baggy sweaters and sleepwear as a security blanket to hide from the world. Can fashion gurus Stacy and Clinton work their magic and give these lacking ladies, and more, the makeover of their dreams?