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When Gastric Bands Go Wrong

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Previously, weight-loss surgery was the last chance for the severely obese, but in the last ten years there has been a 3,000% increase in the number of Brits going under the knife. ‘When Gastric Bands Go Wrong', meets a number of patients who opted for gastric bypass surgery and explores the associated risks with this form of treatment. Meet 38-year-old David, who lost over 24 stone over two years following a gastric bypass operation, but his initial joy turned to panic as his skin failed to tighten, eventually leaving him with over five stone of excess skin. Plus, meet Rachel, who at the age of 32 had a gastric bypass which went horribly wrong. Her intestine ruptured, poisoning her insides, causing massive damage and ultimately leaving her incontinent. Everyone wants a quick fix, but for these patients, their dreams of being thin have brought them nothing but nightmares.