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Photo for Fishing Adventurer

Fishing Adventurer

Shed's Fishing Adventurer is back with young, charismatic fisherman, Cyril Chauquet, embarking on a mission to take viewers to the four corners of the earth, in search of rare varieties of exotic fish.

Photo for Fishing Expeditions

Fishing Expeditions

In this spectacular eight episode series, worldwide fishing champion Steve Townson takes on one of his toughest challenges yet, the Amazon River.


Photo for Great Rod Race

Great Rod Race

No program description available.


Photo for Hooked on Fishing

Hooked on Fishing

No program description available.


Photo for John Wilson's Dream Fishing

John Wilson's Dream Fishing

In John Wilson’s Dream Fishing the experienced British angler travels to a variety of stunning locations to tackle some of the most demanding species of fish. As well as exploring the British Isles, he also goes abroad and speaks about how each destination provides further inspiration and increases his passi...


Photo for Matt Hayes 24 Hour Rod Race

Matt Hayes 24 Hour Rod Race

Featuring Matt Hayes, Europe's leading fisherman, this six- part series sees Matt set a series of ultratough fishing challenges.


Photo for Thinking Tackle

Thinking Tackle

Join Discovery Shed for more top tactics, fantastic fishing challenges and some unbelievable hauls as Thinking Tackle returns for a superb sixth series.

Photo for Tommy Walsh Eco House

Tommy Walsh Eco House

Programme description to come


Photo for Wild Fisherman: Mozambique

Wild Fisherman: Mozambique

Unspoilt and largely unexplored, Mozambique offers a world-renowned coastline, famous as a fisherman's paradise and harbouring some of the biggest and most challenging species to be found on the planet.


Photo for Yorkshire Steam

Yorkshire Steam

Description to come.