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Extreme Christmas Trees

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Just like the 12 Days of Christmas itself, Extreme Christmas Trees will capture the anticipation, excitement and sheer joy embodied by the ultimate Christmas icon: The Christmas Tree. From the breath-taking decadence of the largest Tree Installation on the Vegas Strip to a fragrant fir adorned with over $200,000 worth of carefully collected ornaments, this special will take you into the obsessed visions, the intense pressures and ultimately exhilarating rewards of installing a Christmas tree, so elaborate, opulent or just plain quirky that it's worthy of the title "Extreme Christmas Tree." How has the yearly competition to construct the largest Lobster Trap Christmas Tree consumed the tiny towns of Coastal Maine? Why does it take a team of 40 master carvers from China to construct an meticulously detailed tree entirely of ice? How can an Antler tree made entirely out of antlers be so stunning that it's sent to a Swedish Art Gallery? This one-hour special is more than a simple survey of unusual trees, it's an adventurous journey into the opulent excesses, dangerous pursuits and stunning installations of Christmas Trees that are so over the top - they're Extreme!