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Extreme Couponing

Premieres Sundays from 1st May, 9.00pm

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Forget everything you ever thought you knew about saving coupons because an entirely new breed of coupon collectors has emerged.  Welcome to the age of 'extreme couponing'!  Their game is simple - get as much as possible for as little as possible.  But these people aren't just looking to save a few pounds here and there; they're looking to cash in on some serious savings.  And they're doing it by any means necessary -rooting around in rubbish tips for coupons, charting weekly shop circulars, creating elaborate math formulas, and stocking up on as many products as possible.

Discovery Real Time's quirky new series follows savvy shoppers as they plan and plot their way to unbelievable savings. Each episode introduces viewers to America's most extreme "super couponers," sharing why they are so driven by the deals. From seeing the shocking stockpiles of merchandise they rack up, to demonstrating their dramatic shopping skills, to those that use their couponing ways to benefit local communities, this series lifts the lid on the fascinating world of Extreme Couponing.