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Times are hard in today's housing market - there are just fewer and fewer buyers out there. So if you want to sell your property you have to make it really stand out, which is why these brand new episodes of House Doctor are essential viewing. Acerbic American interior designer Ann Maurice has the best prescription for dowdy front rooms, shabby bathrooms and run-down bedrooms. Using her advice houses are transformed for the least amount of money in the shortest time, to appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers and realise the highest possible price. Over the course of the series she gets to work neutralising the arty décor of a trendy London flat to give it mass buyer appeal; heads to a cluttered B&B on the Norfolk coast to transform it into a stylish country cottage; and tries to inject life and style into a bland, tired property near Leamington Spa. Will she succeed and get those properties sold?

THURSDAYS FROM 8th January, 9.00pm & 9.30pm