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The Housewives of Alabama


New to Discovery Real Time, three-part series, The Housewives of Alabama, follows a group of strong, opinionated women in rural Dothan, Alabama as they juggle their careers, home lives and relationships with one another. Dealing with everything from packed work schedules, to getting down and dirty hunting, fishing, four wheeling and tailgating at stock car races, follow Amie, Jana, melissa, Dakota, and Val as they show everyone how real women do it on the other side of the mason Dixon line. In this entertaining new series, Dakota returns to town amidst rumours of infidelity and reunites with the girls. But will she come to blows with Val over a new beau? Jana meets with a fertility doctor and talks to her husband Grant about trying to have children again and Amie struggles with the idea of turning 40. Plus, will new york newcomer Val upset the group dynamic with her city ways? Join these larger than life Southerners for a slice of Alabama life.