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London Ink: Up Close

UK Premiere Series Sundays from 10th May, 11.00PM

This May get up close and personal with Britain’s hottest tattoo crew in four brand new one-hour specials. Delve deep into the private lives of each member of the ink posse as they reveal their passion for the real art behind tattooing.  The series also features the very best from the past two series, as well as exclusive interviews and never before seen tattoo footage.

First up get an insight into the life of Dan Gold; learn about the man behind the gun and what gets this charismatic party loving bad boy going.  Next up is the boss man; no nonsense Mancunian Louis Molloy is one of the world’s leading tattoo artists with an impressive roster of celebrity clients including David Beckham. Look back at legendary queen of Japanese bodywork and crazy Kiwi Nikole Lowe's career, and find out how she’s established herself in the world of ink. Last but by no means least is old school tattoo king Phil Kyle. Get to know what really rocks this raucous rockabilly!