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London Ink

Following on from the huge success of the first series, London Ink returns bigger, brighter and shinier than ever before. The tattoo crew of Louis Molloy, Dan Gold, Phil Kyle and Nikole Lowe find themselves in demand to ink an array of celebrities; first Dan is overcome when Sam Fox comes in, but his face soon falls when he sees Louis getting his hands all over her. Then Nikole is given the chance to ink one of her all-time heroes when Ricky Hatton pays a visit, but will nerves get the better of her?

Bollywood actor Jordan Ali wants his ex Alicia Douvall’s name turned into the Islamic call to prayer, Jodie Marsh would like a sexy addition to her growing body art collection, plus Tony the Butcher aptly requests a full ‘meat sleeve’ on his arm, illustrated with cuts of meat and other carnivorous treats to celebrate his profession. If all that wasn’t enough, the team not only must find a new apprentice for the shop, but also make time to welcome a guest tattooist: the world-famous portraitist Bob Tyrrell from Night Gallery in Detroit, who will be plying his trade alongside them.