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My Strange Addiction 2

Tuesdays from 5th June at 9pm

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Imagine finding comfort in behaviours that go beyond the call of bizarre. For example, sniffing petrol or eating rocks. This, second series of My Strange Addiction showcases individuals who have turned to extreme measures to ease their anxieties. The first episode introduces riley who, to escape the stresses of the real world, lives life as a baby and wears a nappy; and Charmissa who fills her bra with the dryer sheets she chews on every day. Later in the series drug-addict Krista presents viewers with her 12 ‘children’ - all of which are teddy bears.

Why have these individuals turned to such extreme measures in order to ease anxieties? Can anyone, or anything, shake them from their addictions before they injure themselves? Friends and family members confront their loved ones to discuss the financial, psychological and physical effects of these behaviours, and the strain they put on their relationships. Finally, the addicts will meet with a medical professional in an attempt to understand their compulsions, and take the first steps towards living an addiction-free life.