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No Going Back: More Chaos at the Castle

Network Premiere One-Off, 21st November, 3.30pm

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When Patrick and Colette Bergot abandoned their suburban semi and high-powered legal jobs in London to follow their rustic dream of life in the French countryside, their plans for an ‘easy life’ were more ambitious than most. They invested in a fairytale twenty-five room chateau and set about converting the property into a luxury hotel.

No Going Back: More Chaos at the Castle, reveals the harsh reality of this mammoth project as the Bergots toil 18-hours a day just to cover the chateau’s colossal running costs of £40,000 a year. Pregnant with their third child, Colette is crumbling under the combined responsibility of work and family. And to add to their stress, it looks like it’s make-or-break time with the imminent arrival of one of the most notorious hotel inspectors in the business. He will have to decide whether they merit a much needed entry in his prestigious hotel guide. Will the Bergot family’s hard work finally pay off?