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Royally Obsessed

It starts with a spoon or a plate. Many people see a Royal wedding cup, plate or souvenir which catches their eye and proudly display it at home, to remind them of the joyous occasion. But what if the collecting does not stop there? In this special we meet the most fanatical Royal collectors in the world, as they take viewers on a tour of their homes. There’s 67 year old grandmother Margaret who has a staggering collection of 10,000 objects of Royal memorabilia including life sized cut-outs of Diana and even a jar of dulce de leche, in which it is claimed, there is a hair of Diana’s!  Then there’s Australian couple Janet and Phillip Williams who have the world's largest collection of royal memorabilia.  From a life-size model of the Queen (with a small corgi nipping at her toes), to rooms full of commemorative crockery and even a pair of Charles and Diana slippers, their home is monarchy-mania.  Oh yes, they are the royally obsessed.