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Sarah Palin's Alaska

Premieres Sundays fom 22nd May, 9.00pm

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Discovery Real Time's new documentary series takes viewers on a journey into the heart of Alaska's 'final frontier', through the eyes of one of its most famous citizens, Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin. The outspoken former Miss Alaska runner-up and mother of five, takes viewers behind the scenes into her world.

Each episode of this insightful series sees Sarah joined by family members as she shares the state she knows and loves; from salmon fishing with husband Todd in Bristol Bay - a July 4th family tradition, to hiking along one of the country's most breath-taking glaciers; from white water rafting with her parents and children, to an epic caribou hunting trip with her father, Chuck and family friend Steve Becker. During the series Sarah also welcomes Kate Gosselin (Kate Plus Eight) and her children to Alaska, where they prepare for a camping trip of a lifetime by attending a bear safety class for some rifle practice.

Along with Alaska's stunning wilderness, the Palins encounter its fascinating residents and share what it takes to thrive in the country's largest state.