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Sister Wives 2

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A brand new series of Sister Wives kicks off with a honeymoon special which sees Kody and his new wife Robyn sunning themselves in San Diego while Meri, Janelle and Christine stay back home with the kids. Things turn emotional when the three wives go away on a day trip confessing their true feelings about Kody being away and their struggles with bringing in a fourth wife. Unsurprisingly, when the happy couple return the Brown family is thrown into turmoil but not for reasons you might expect. Coming out of the closet has changed some things for the better, as they don't have to hide their lifestyle anymore, but immediately after going public as polygamists they learn that they are under investigation by the police. They try to go on with their lives, but the tension mounts steadily, until finally, fearing that their happy, loving family could be torn apart, the Browns make an enormous decision. It's a decision that will change their lives forever.