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Stephen Hawking's Grand Design

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Stephen Hawking's Grand Design: In Stephen Hawking's Grand Design the planet's most eminent physicist will be addressing three more of the most contentious issues that surround scientific understanding. Did God create the universe? What is the meaning of life? And what he regards as the key to the cosmos: the Theory of Everything. Is science incompatible with religion? Lots of famous scientists have certainly not thought so. Professor Hawking examines what evidence there is for a divine hand in the structuring of the universe. Is the presence of some things just too unbelievable to have not had an ‘intelligent designer'?

Why do any of us exist? And what is our place in something so mind-bogglingly vast as the known universe? Blending philosophy with hard science Professor Hawking tries to answer perhaps the ultimate question that has followed mankind since the dawn of time.

Will the search for the Higgs Boson at CERN, the so-called, ‘God Particle', provide the key to unlocking the secrets still contained in the midnight dark of the far reaches of the cosmos? Will the ‘Theory of Everything' be postulated soon? These are the questions occupying scientists all over the world right now. Professor Hawking evaluates the various theories.