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All too easily dismissed on these shores as a mere nuisance, it’s time to recognize the mosquito for what it is: The single greatest agent of death in modern human history. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Su Rynard, MOSQUITO is a devastating feature-length documentary that brings this reality into sharp focus, highlighting an urgent danger that shows no signs of abating. Rapidly spreading as a consequence of climate change and the ever-increasing ease of international travel, a disease anywhere is potentially now a disease everywhere. In the headlines last year during the Zika epidemic, the insects are also responsible for bringing the likes of dengue and yellow fever to parts of the world that had remained mercilessly untouched by their menace till now. Forming part of Discovery’s Impact strand addressing major global issues, Mosquito grants access to the leading experts committed to fighting this insidious threat in all four corners of the world. They’ll peer through the microscope to explain how the unique biology of the insect enables it to consistently adapt to and resist the tenacious efforts to control it – and offer potential solutions to put a stop to this growing global pandemic.