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Sci-Fi Season: When Aliens Attack

Premieres from Friday 20th May

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Come along on a fantastic journey, into deep space, through imaginary worlds, to the centre of the Earth, to cities of the future and parallel universes populated by mutants and androids. Discovery in conjunction with the British Library, and their brand new exhibition: 'Out of this World: Science Fiction But Not As You Know It,' will be showing a thrilling selection of Sci-Fi premieres in May. Science Fiction literature, films and television have been some of the most influential in terms of inspiring generations of scientists to develop new technology, search the cosmos for extra-terrestrial life and theorise about other universes.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Earth was invaded by aliens? What would the aliens be like? How would they get here? What kind of weapons would they use? How would alien wars unfold? As part of Sci-Fi season, When Aliens Attack (Friday 20th May) attempts to answer these haunting questions.  Combining science with extraordinary CGI, and compelling facts, this one-off special reveals a minute-by-minute story of how an alien invasion would likely unfold.  Journey to the future... Now!