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War Digs With Harry Harris

Premieres Sundays from 13th May, 8.00pm

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Presented by Harry Harris (Wartime Secrets and Wartime London), this brand new series follows a team of experts in the search for the wreckage of wartime aircrafts to recover lost relics of the Second World War. Their speciality is aircraft and they've unearthed the remains of countless Spitfires, Hurricanes, German Messerschmitt s and Junkers bombers in the UK and mainland Europe. But there's a whole range of other timelocked wartime remains they're keen to uncover. In the series premiere, Harry meets 89 year old RAF veteran Dennis Brown who joins the War Digs team at a chateau in France to search for remains of the aircraft he baled out of 67 years ago. Dennis was the only member of the crew not to be killed or captured - and made an amazing escape from occupied Germany thanks to French Resistance. Harry also meets Irma Caldow an extraordinary 96 year old Belgian Resistance fighter who reveals how she helped injured or captured Allied airmen hide and get back to Britain or America at the risk of her own life. Each episode of War Digs With Harry Harris takes viewers on a journey through the eye opening perspectives of those personally affected by the Second World War.