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Big Fish Man

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World record-holding angler Jakub Vagner would die for fishing and has come close more than once. In Big Fish Man he embarks on extreme fishing expeditions to the most remote regions of the world in search of fish that have never before been filmed in the wild many weighing more than 200kg and measuring over six metres in length. His exploits take us to a variety of remote locations Congo, Mongolia, Europe, Canada, Thailand, Ecuador and Peru. Carrying all his kit and supplies, Jakub spends days trekking through unforgiving jungle and paddling against wild river currents. He survives using the hunting and foraging skills hes honed over almost two decades of fishing missions.On his visually stunning adventure he tries to land the Amazons largest freshwater fish in Ecuador and the mighty Goliath Tiger Fish, with its 32 shark-like teeth, in Congo. He enlists the help of nomadic reindeer herders to land a giant Taimen in the ice cold rapids of the Shishgid River in Mongolia and tries to catch a massive Northern Pike in the Canadian sub-Arctic even though their natural habitat is completely frozen over. The series is packed with drama and danger. Jakub is stubborn and determined as time after time he faces nature at its most extreme.