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Bloody Tales From History

Premieres Sunday 13th March, 9pm

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A brand new series coming to Quest, from ancient times to the Second World War, Europe has been soaked in blood and intrigue. In this fascinating series, Bloody Tales goes beyond the British Isles to seek out the Europe's most  grisly history to discover the mysterious true stories behind some of history’s most infamous tales. From East to West, from the UK to Istanbul, join historian Dr Suzannah Lipscomb and presenter Joe Crowley to investigate subjects that include Rome’s famously cruel emperor Caligula and the notoriously violent Vikings. However, proving that nobody does horrible history like the Brits, explore Richard III’s alleged murder of the Princes in The Tower and the gruesome execution of Scottish hero, William Wallace.

Using re-enactments, revisiting iconic locations and relying upon world-leading experts, can Suzannah and Joe sort fact from myth and rewrite some of history’s greatest stories?