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British Treasure, American Gold

Premiers 19th October, 8.00pm

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This all new series is a vibrant and original take on the world of antiques and trading. Jesse,the self-dubbed ‘Resale King’ heads to the UK complete with his 1978 black Pontiac Firebird (named Lily) to travel the length and breadth of the country searching for antiques and collectibles. He visits stately homes, collectors’ markets and even car boot sales on the hunt for typically British curios and valuable artefacts to send back to his family’s antique business in Los Angeles. From bone china vases to Elton John’s gold- plated sink, vintage one-armed bandits to armoured military vehicles, ‘British Treasure, American Gold’ focuses on the unique and unexpected side of British history, shining an American spotlight on the country’s eclectic past.