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Café Racer: Naked Speed

Thursdays from 15th June at 9pm

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Witness the creation of some of the coolest motorcycles in this new series.

In Suffolk, Neil Adams turns classics British bikes into modern café racers. When a wealthy collector has commissioned Neil to transform a valuable BSA into a classic café racer, he tests it at the fabled Brighton Speed Trials.

In Texas, shop owners Stetson and Allen build a Ducati L63 for a high profile businessman with a set price, and Dustin Kott is challenged to rebuild a junk yard find and impress Champion road racers, Ben and Eric Bostrom and ex-pro cyclist Lance Armstrong. In the following episodes, Boxer Metal's Chris Canterbury turns a barn-find into an Isle of Man racing tribute bike and brings in Champion Reg Pridmore to test it out, and the fun really begins when two car guys from British Barn Finds are converted into bike enthusiasts.