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Cars That Rock with Brian Johnson (Series 2)

Premieres every Thursday at 9pm from April 16

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When Brian Johnson, lead singer of the biggest rock 'n' roll band in the world, AC/DC, is not touring, writing or recording for the band, the charismatic front man indulges his passion for all things automotive. In his opinion, fast cars and rock 'n' roll were made for each other - and made for him. Johnson will be sharing his passion for burning rubber with the rest of the world when all new six-part series Cars That Rock With Brian Johnson returns to Quest in April 2015.

In the exhilarating new series Johnson, with his colourful sense of humour, delves into the rich heritage and, of course, gets behind the wheels of the most iconic cars in history. From the sleek Jaguar, illustrious Alfa Romeo, infamous MG and iconic McLaren to the classic Landrover and exhilarating Nascar, Johnson explores their fascinating histories, visits the factories and meets the makers of these fine motoring stallions.

The AC/DC frontman is a notorious thrill seeker, competing in vintage car races all over the globe. In this series, Johnson gets to indulge his passion for speed as he is let loose around some of the world's best speedways and race tracks, with the most talented test drivers and racers to ever get behind the wheel.