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Chasing Classic Cars 5

Thursdays from 2nd July, 9pm

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Hosted by renowned collector car archaeologist, Wayne Carini, the new series of ‘Chasing Classic Cars’ welcomes viewers into the elite world of high-end car collection, as Wayne finds, buys, restores and sells some of the finest and most unique vehicles ever manufactured. In this series, Wayne chases down original one-off cars in secret stashes around the country and meets with some of the hobby's most respected collectors, restorers, and artisans, giving viewer’s insight into the classic car expert's elite inner circle. Off the auction block, Wayne explores the fine line between collecting and hoarding as he wades knee deep into the vast and varied collection of the late Lee Roy Hartung and over on the West Coast, Wayne dives deep into the work of Steve Moal, one of America's most renowned coachbuilders.