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Combat Dealers 3

Tuesdays from 9th May at 9pm

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Bruce Crompton has the enviable job of travelling around the world finding, restoring and selling the most incredible WWII items. In this new series, things are super-scaled as he takes on his biggest challenges yet. A Normandy parachute jump out of a DDay Dakota nearly ends in disaster; Bruce turns Sherlock Holmes, on the detective trail to solve the mystery of a WWI medal from the worst battle in history, the Battle of the Somme; in the Channel Islands he discovers what Britain would have been like if the Nazis had won the war; in Moscow he finds Stalin’s sword in a super-rich Russian oligarch’s private collection; and a watercolour painted by Hitler in a lavatory. Bruce’s adventures are not short of explosions as he gives Sherman and Panther tanks, Bazookas and flame-throwers the Crompton treatment; all in a day’s work for the Combat Dealer.