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Frontline Battle Machines with Mike Brewer

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Mike Brewer heads to the frontline in Afghanistan to test hi-tech British and American weaponry and equipment, being used in the fight against the Taliban. With the full co-operation of the Ministry of Defence, he gains unrestricted access to Camp Bastion and Kandahar Air Base, revealing the latest combat vehicles and equipment, such as the SA80 Rifle, the Apache attack helicopter and Mastiff armoured six-wheeled truck. In his first flight on a Chinook helicopter, he heads into enemy territory on a Medical Emergency Rescue mission and lands in the middle of a sustained firefight, resulting in the pilot taking a shot to the head before bravely landing the helicopter. He also heads out with the troops on foot patrol through IED infested villages in one of the most dangerous places on earth, the front line in Helmand Province, to discover how the new equipment has transformed the modern battlefield.