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Heavy Rescue

Mondays from 25th September at 10pm

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The world’s busiest highway, the 401, is not a place for the fainthearted – but the unique challenges and difficult working conditions are all in a day’s work for heavy rescue vehicles on this unpredictable stretch of road.

The series follows multiple major tow operators, rescue and maintenance crews day and night as they battle to keep traffic flowing along the USA’s most important trade route. These businesses work tirelessly to keep the roads open through any weather condition. From monster snow storms creating kilometres of mayhem to overturned trucks, their efforts prevent the 401 from grinding to a crippling halt through the worst of the winter driving season. It’s about men and women facing incredible stakes in a fast-paced, relentless environment.

Jobs and lives depend on these highways - and it’s up to the heavy rescue teams to keep them open.