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Hell On High Water

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Sailing single-handed round the world represents the toughest human endeavour imaginable. More people have stood on top of Mount Everest than have sailed solo around the world. Follow the stories of the five brave solo skippers as they undertake this gruelling challenge in brand new documentary series ‘Hell On High Water'. Join these extraordinary individuals as they compete in the world's harshest environments and extreme conditions in a dramatic race across each of the world's loneliest and most isolated oceans. The series of ocean sprints, punctuated by stopovers in world class cities, is enhanced by the use of the latest on-board camera technology and state of the art equipment to convey the scale and scope of the adventure and the technical challenges of solo racing. Gain a unique insight into the mind-set of each of the skippers as they grapple with fear, isolation, fatigue and mental stress. What motivates and drives them on? How they prepare themselves and their Boat? How they cope with being tested under the most extreme conditions and beyond any limits they thought possible?