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I Am Johnny Cash

Premieres 5th August, 9pm

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This month, Quest will be showing a series of films of some of the most innovative, iconic and talented stars on a unique ‘I Am…’ biography strand.

To begin the series we have the UK Premiere of I am Johnny Cash, this documentary is a celebration of the larger-than-life star. The film combines original interviews with his family and friends, and for the first time, Cash’s children, John Carter Cash and Rosanne Cash, along with June Carter’s daughter Carlene Carter, will appear together in a film about Johnny Cash. I Am Johnny Cash is built around 12 essential Johnny Cash tracks spanning four decades that each deliver the passion, musicality and messages against war, injustice, racism and prejudice, as told through interviews, archival concert footage, photographs and personal artifacts from the Cash family. Following Johnny Cash, Quest is showing I Am Steve McQueen, I Am Bruce Lee, I Am Evel Knievel and I Am Chris Farley. Each biography chronicles the legends extraordinary careers and combines extensive original interviews and unseen footage.