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The Imploders


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Meet the Kellys, America's first family of explosive demolition, in brand new series The Imploders. Eric Kelly has been in the business of demolishing buildings for over thirty years. Together with his wife, the president of the family business, Advanced Explosives Demolition, and their four year old daughter Eliyah, he journeys across America risking life and limb to raze condemned buildings. In over 1000 implosions, he has never had a failure and is considered one of the world's best imploders. Despite his 100% safety record, he is acutely aware of the risks, having lost both his father and brother to the job. One small slip, and he, his family or anyone unlucky enough to be in the wrong place, would be buried under thousands of tons of concrete and steel. From flattening a 140 foot tower in Arizona, to knocking down the 3500 ton arena in Texas without using explosives, follow this feisty family as they manage their business, juggle family issues, and, most importantly, struggle to stay alive in one of the world's most deadly businesses.