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Engine Addict with Jimmy de Ville

Every Tuesday from 8th September 9pm

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Jimmy de Ville is an extreme engineer who spends his life driving himself and machines to breaking point. His idea of fun is rummaging around junkyards, building extreme machines from scrapped vehicles and salvaged parts.

Adventure and engineering are a compulsion and his way of life. Jimmy believes three inventions have shaped the modern world. Computers, guns and - his obsession - the combustion engine. He revels in bringing examples of revolutionary engineering brilliance to the world's attention. Engines that powered entire nations, engines that were vital to whole populations, engines that won wars and changed lives. Behind them are the stories of genius inventors, innovative production methods, and the eternal quest to make engines more reliable and more powerful. Jimmy is a self-confessed engine addict, who has spent his life stripping, tinkering and rebuilding engines for pleasure. His many accomplishments range from engineer and race car driver to adventurer and solider. He is the face of new Quest show ‘Engine Addict so strap in and get ready for an exciting ride.program info to follow