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Jungle Gold

Premieres Monday 7th March, 9pm

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Four years ago, George Right and Scott Lomu were real estate high-rollers. By the time he was 25 years-old George was worth a million dollars, while 33-year-old Scott was turning over properties for a cool three million. But George and Scott were so intent on the next deal they ignored the warning signs - and lost everything in the 2008 property crash. With their houses and families' futures suddenly on the line, George and Scott had to come up with an answer. Quest follows the pair as they make a life changing decision and head for the jungles of Ghana in West Africa, whose vast reserves of gold rich ground, mean even rookie miners with aging machinery can make a fortune. Things seem to go well for the duo on the outset but while getting the gold out of the ground is a challenge the real danger comes once they find it - keeping hold of the gold and staying alive long enough to reap the rewards! This series follows the two on their journey to reclaim the lives they once had.