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Long Island's Freeport Junk and Wrecking is the setting for Quest's brand new series, JUNKies. In this junkyard, an eclectic band of high-end inventors, backyard builders and antique pickers are constantly looking for missing parts to complete their passion projects and redefine engineering. The Freeport team, led by Jimmy "The Junk Genius" Ruocco, will go to any lengths to construct new and inspired devices; with highlights including a hovercraft, a coffin car, a lawn mower racer and a flame cannon-all made from the finest discarded spare parts. The Freeport team will stop at nothing to get their hands on valuable pieces that can be used to complete a build. These guys know the guts, bolts and science inside even the most unique machines. Crossing paths with a crazy cast of characters, they encounter everyone from inventors and students to mechanics and artists.