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Kidnap and Rescue

UK Premiere Series Saturdays from 4th August, 10.00 pm

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Kidnap & Rescue is a provocative new series about kidnapping and the rescuers with the courage to risk violent reprisal to reclaim innocent victims. Whether it's a high-profile executive being held for ransom, a child sold overseas or a government agent taken by a vengeful cartel, the hope of every victim lies in the hands of the few with the training and dedication to bring them home. Kidnap & Rescue delves deep into a shadowy world of astonishing cruelty and terrifying extremes. Each unforgettable story, told across 10 episodes, unfolds through first-hand accounts and cinematic re-imaginings of the kidnap, the planning of the rescue and the recovery itself, to outcomes both triumphant and tragic. Regardless of the mission, the motivations are the same: get everyone back alive, no matter the danger involved.