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Mega Shippers: Million Pound Movers

Premieres Tuesday 9th August, 9pm

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Across the globe there is a hidden army of workers keeping the world’s staggeringly big cargo moving 365 days a year. Whether it’s high value or high volume they’ll do whatever it takes to ensure their cargo gets delivered on time and in perfect condition - in all weather, day and night. There are at least 20 million shipping containers crossing the world’s seas at any given time carrying anything from lobsters to luxury sports cars. MegaShippers gets exclusive access behind the scenes to Ports on both sides of the Atlantic to find out what it takes for the largest freight operators and shipping agents to deliver goods 24/7. From the delivery of an 18 million dollar super yacht to a 20 ton shipment of sweet potatoes....we’ll watch ground crews on-load and off-load these precious, but very different cargos - conquering monumental challenges from miscalculations to malfunctions. This is Mega Shipping.