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Monsters Resurrected

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They are creatures from darkest nightmares. So terrifying they make today's predators look feeble. Brand new series Monsters Resurrected takes viewers back thousands, sometimes millions of years to re-construct the most frightening predators of the past. This series kicks off with the biggest, baddest bird to ever stalk the planet; the Terror Bird. Four million years ago it dominated a continent, battling wolves and sabertooth cats. With its massive 18 inch beak, Terror Bird bashed its victims' brains in and swallowed giant rodents in one gulp. Next up the Mosasaur, with six foot jaws, an extra set of teeth and a nasty disposition, this was the most dangerous creature in the most treacherous oceans in the history of the planet. It battled giant sharks, forty-foot long plesiosaurs, and other monsters of the deep...and emerged triumphant. At a time when 85 per cent of the Earth was covered with water, these beasts were found in every corner of the globe.