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Ripped From The Headlines

Premieres Saturday 26th May and 2nd June, 9.00pm

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This May, Quest premieres two one-off specials that have quite literally been Ripped From The Headlines. Killer On Campus (26th May) explores the story behind brutal murders at two prestigious US universities, and offers startling new revelations. Firstly, a shooting rampage at the University of Alabama by an unlikely assassin: a Harvard-educated professor and mother of four, and then the disappearance of Yale student, Annie Le who went missing in one of the most secure buildings on campus, just a few days before her wedding. Murdered in Their Homes (2nd June) explores the stories behind two families who faced their worst nightmare. In Connecticut the Petit family was at home, asleep, when two men broke in and held them hostage for several terrifying hours that ended in tragedy. And in Florida, masked men kicked in the doors of Byrd and Melanie Billings' home and shot them at point blank range. Was it a robbery gone wrong? Or a contract hit?