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Robson Green's Ultimate Catch

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In this new series for Quest, Robson Green pushes the angling boundaries further than ever before in search of the Ultimate Catch.  Travelling to incredible locations renowned for their fishing potential, at the perfect time in the angling calendar, Robson flies thousands of miles across the globe to be in the right place, with the right fishing guides, at exactly the right time. But even then it’s not going to be easy. Thunderstorms, drought, high winds and flash floods all have their part to play, and Robson will have to use every ounce of his fishing know-how, combined with the local guides and legends, if he wants to hook into the Ultimate Catch. He’ll be fishing for huge predators in the mid Atlantic, hunting from a canoe in a lush volcanic crater, sight-casting on mysterious rivers in deep jungles, and learning local techniques from indigenous fishermen. He’ll be hunting down migratory giants, netting huge crabs, free-diving for a shape-shifting octopus, night-fishing for a huge catfish, and combing reefs for the venomous red scorpionfish.  Robson will take on a number of fish in each episode, each one leading him towards his ultimate goal. Each episode climaxes with Robson pursuing his Ultimate Catch: but having travelled thousands of miles across the globe, and picked his perfect moment, will he be able to pull it off?