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Sci-Fi Film Season

Saturday afternoons from 17th July

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The 1950’s gave rise to an unparalleled wave of alien invasion movies and apocalyptic space adventures.

This month Quest will be celebrating this with a Sci-Fi extravaganza. The Creature From The Black Lagoon is first up, when the remnants of a mysterious animal comes to light in a remote jungle. A group of scientists intend to find evidence of a beast and must endure perilous pieces of land to find the danger. Then in The Incredible Shrinking Man, a businessman begins to diminish in size until life becomes a horror show of constant danger from ordinarily non-threatening creatures such as pet cats and house spiders. In the following week desert scientists try to stop a fortified spider the size of a building in Tarantula. Then in It Came From Outer Space, John Putnam sees, what at first appears to be a meteor shower, whilst looking through his telescope one night -- but it is actually a crash-landing alien spaceship! And finally in The Creature Walks Among Us, a scientist captures a Creature and turns him into an air-breather but the creature escapes and starts killing anyone in it’s path.