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Sons Of Winter

Fridays from 14th July at 9pm

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Meet the Barks family...homesteaders who have rejected modern living and instead choose to live off the grid and maintain a pioneer lifestyle in northern Saskatchewan. For years, they've sustained themselves by running a trapline and catching lynx, wolves, beavers, martens, and more .

Togetherness has always been the key to their survival, but now their world is about to change.

This winter will be a very different one for this family of trappers. The two oldest sons, Dale and Shane, will try to survive the season on their own for the very first time. This "Right of Passage" is an ageold tradition signifying a time when boys venture off into the wilderness to become men. They will bring their own trapping equipment, guns, ammo, and enough fuel to last 90 days. Their parents, Randy and Tara, will be left behind with the youngest child to care for the family trapline. It's a great test of the entire family's perseverance, faith, and strength.