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Supertruckers (s2)

Fridays from 8th January, 9pm

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It’s here! Welcome back to Supertruckers, the amusing fly-on-the-wall show which follows a family-run Bristol Heavy Haulage firm who shift some of the strangest and heaviest cargos across the UK. Sully, Kev, Broomey and the rest of the trucking team are challenged to deliver bigger, wider and heavier loads up and down the UK.

We follow the team as they face some difficult engineering challenges, including a huge military operation moving the wings from an high security facility to Royal Portbury Docks in Bristol, also crane driver Mike gets festival fever moving the Giant Arcadia Spider stage from Glastonbury to a music event in Bristol and Broomey struggles to get a huge 64 tonne piece of mining equipment on a boat destined for Australia. This series promises to be of epic proportions.