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What On Earth

Tuesday's at 8pm from 21st June

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Watching us from space, satellites orbit the Earth at 17,000 miles an hour, capturing images of our world that are breath taking, but at times bizarre. This unique perspective reveals objects that seem to make no sense and phenomena that defy explanation. Such photographs force the question, what on Earth is that? Using state of the art technology, satellites find structures and cities lost for thousands of years. One image could be the vital clue to the location of the Garden of Eden, another reveals the Amazonian golden city of El Dorado. Massive tsunamis that disappear without trace, a sinister blood-red lake in wartorn Baghdad and a whirlpool in the ocean the size of Connecticut…experts and witnesses investigate and analyse the sites on the ground. 'What on Earth' goes in search of answers; trying to unravel these mysteries, captured from space.