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The Dengineers

Network premiere Tuesday, January 3 at 7/6c

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Children love creating their own private hideaways, either in the house, the backyard or even in a tree! In Discovery Family’s 11-episode series THE DENGINEERS, an elite team dedicated to making out-of-this-world playrooms and playhouses for children travel the UK to bring youngster’s dreams to life by building whatever (and wherever) their imagination takes them! Hosts Mark Wright and Lauren Layfield join a cast of construction marvels and masterminds to create truly astonishing kid-friendly worlds with magical atmospheres. From a football-inspired recreation room to a massive music amp shaped playhouse in the corner of the garden, THE DENGINEERS aims to inspire, inform and educate young aspiring builders through jaw-dropping surprises, celebrity twists and amazing feats of engineering where the kids are always in charge!