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Baby Week: Multiples Madness

March 12-16 from 8-9 PM ET/PT

Beginning Monday, March 12 at 8 PM ET/PT tune in for muliples madness!! Each night a different series about new parents of multiples will premiere at 8 PM ET/PT.  As the nights go on the families will grow. From triplets to quadruplets and culminating in the biggest family of them all...septuplets. Baby Week: Mulitples Madness week includes:

Monday, March 12
8:00 PM ET/PT
Triple the Triplets
Three mothers and nine babies. Two first-time Moms have no idea what to expect. And a seasoned veteran gets her second chance after 18 years. These mothers, all carrying triplets, face the added trials and complications of their high-risk pregnancy.

Tuesday, March 13
8:00 PM ET/PT
Quadruple the Fun: The Carles Sisters
UK's only identical quadruplets. With matching curls, clothes and infectious giggles, the girls are almost impossible to tell apart - even their family still struggle. Mother Julie is only the 27th woman in the world to conceive monochorionic quads naturally and now runs a hectic household along with father, Jose. This is an intimate portrait of an extraordinary family that answers the big question what's it really like to be Four of a Kind?

Wednesday, March 14
8:00 PM ET/PT
Quints by Surprise (Season 3) - Freedom
The Quints are going to be three years-old soon and Ethan and Casey feel it's time to introduce them to "big-kid" beds and chairs.  That means nothing will be holding them in during dinner and bedtime.  Will Ethan and Casey be able to contain the chaos?

8:30 PM ET/PT
Quints by Surprise (Season 3)  - Stop, Drop and Roll
Ethan and Casey decide to teach the kids about fire safety after a recent wildfire came close to their neighborhood. The Joneses visit a local fire station and Ethan decides to perform a fire drill at home. Can Fire Marshal Dad keep the family on task?

Thursday, March 15
8:00 PM ET/PT
KATE PLUS 8 - 6th Birthday Surprise
The Gosselin sextuplets are turning six, and Kate's planning a special birthday filled with exciting celebrations.   Will she be able to keep it a surprise or will she crack under the pressure?

Friday, March 16
8:00 PM ET/PT
America's Septuplets Turn 13
In November 1997 Bobbi McCaughey made history when she gave birth to three girls and four boys--the world's first surviving set of septuplets. Kenny, Alexis, Natalie, Kelsey, Nathan, Brandon and Joel McCaughey captured the world's attention. The famed Septuplets are now teenagers and this special will tell the intimate story of the last 13 years of this remarkable family.  Using exclusive footage shot throughout their lives, as well as this year's birthday celebration, Ann Curry, who has followed the family since the children were born, will give viewers an inside look at the struggles, challenges and triumphs of the McCaugheys.