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Buff Brides

BUFF BRIDES Airs Wednesdays at 8 PM

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See brides-to-be as they turn themselves into the brides of their dreams by following the lessons in "Buff Brides," a book by personal trainer Sue Fleming. Each episode follows two brides-to-be through a 16-week course of physical training and transformation, culminating in the much-awaited wedding, where they show off their new bodies and looks. Using a careful combination of weight training, aerobics, and nutritional counseling, they'll shed pounds and swap fat for muscle. Watch as they struggle to break years of bad habits, and sculpt themselves a new body in time for their big day. Share the thrill as pounds drop away, and the date approaches. Go behind the scenes with the brides, their families, and the wedding planners, and witness the brides as they walk down the aisle looking buff and beautiful.