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Ebola: Inside the Deadly Outbreak

One-hour documentary premieres on Thursday, September 18 at 10/9c


 -- One-hour documentary will premiere during a special night of programming on Discovery Fit & Health; EBOLA: ARE WE NEXT? night airs on Thursday, September 18 from 8-11 PM -

 (Silver Spring, Md.)-As the worst Ebola virus outbreak in our history continues to spread and leave an unprecedented body count in its path, fear strikes around the globe. With inside access to families devastated by the death of their loved ones and the healthcare workers struggling to contain the widespread epidemic, risking their own lives in the process, Discovery Fit & Health and ABC News partner to bring viewers the one-hour premiere special EBOLA: INSIDE THE DEADLY OUTBREAK. In a comprehensive look into the history, containment, and medical implications of this highly infectious disease, ABC News' chief medical editor and former acting director of the CDC, Dr. Richard Besser, leads viewers throughout the hour. Dr. Besser risks his life by traveling to the heart of the hot zone in Monrovia, Liberia, to share the heart wrenching journeys of patients and caretakers and reveals the moment that left him scared for his life. In exclusive interviews, viewers meet Finda, a woman who waited for days to seek treatment, even though much of her family, including her own son, have succumbed to it; and Steven, a young man who watched half of his family die from Ebola as he became unwittingly trapped in quarantine. He crosses forbidden lines to tell Dr. Besser his story. Additionally, the hour will air extended footage on the gripping story of American couple Nancy and David Writebol, missionaries who put themselves on the front lines of this deadly contagion only to find themselves turning from caretaker to patient when Nancy was stricken with the deadly virus. Writebol reveals to Dr. Besser why she risked her life in Liberia - and why she's not ruling out going back. With inside access, this one-hour documentary will provide viewers a complete look at Ebola and, as the U.S. sends over 100 specialists to the hot zone, EBOLA: INSIDE THE DEADLY OUTBREAK attempts to answer the question on everyone's mind: can it happen here?

On Thursday, September 18, Discovery Fit & Health will air a special night of programming titled EBOLA: ARE WE NEXT? with the following lineup: MONSTERS INSIDE ME: OUTBREAK encoring at 8/7c, NBC NEWS SPECIAL: SAVING DR. BRANTLY airing at 9/8c, followed by the premiere of EBOLA: INSIDE THE DEADLY OUTBREAK at 10/9c. During the premiere of EBOLA: INSIDE THE DEADLY OUTBREAK at 10/9c, to help educate and investigate how a deadly virus can spin so far out of control, ABC News' Dr. Richard Besser will be answering questions and tweeting live. Follow @DrRichardBesser and @Disc_Health to join in the conversation.

"These are unimaginable terrors that we've seen played out in science fiction movies like 'Contagion' and 'Outbreak,' but Ebola is knocking on America's door and we are looking for answers," said Jane Latman, General Manger of Discovery Fit & Health. "With a partner like ABC News, who truly has exclusive and first-hand insight to understanding this unspeakable plague, we can educate the DFH audience on what this disease is, how to attempt to contain it, and how to protect ourselves." 

From the grips of the plague in Monrovia to missionary workers returning to the U.S. for treatment, this is the story of how Ebola has emerged from the jungle and is now crossing international borders. EBOLA: INSIDE THE DEADLY OUTBREAK offers the worldwide news gathering power of ABC News and the expertise of a host who has been on the front lines in the hot zone. Combined, they tell a story of human anguish and the race for science to bring a deadly threat to rest.

EBOLA: INSIDE THE DEADLY OUTBREAK is produced for Discovery Fit & Health by ABC News' Lincoln Square Productions.  The executive producers from LSP are Rudy Bednar and Jeanmarie Condon. For Discovery Fit & Health, Julie Meisner Eagle is Executive Producer, Jane Latman is General Manager, and Henry Schleiff is Group President, Investigation Discovery, American Heroes Channel, Destination America, and Discovery Fit & Health.

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