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I'm Pregnant And...

Series Returns Thursday, Septmber 1 at 10:00 PM ET/PT

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NEW Episodes Premiere Tuesday, September 1, at 10:00 PM ET/PT

The much buzzed about series IM PREGNANT AND...returns with six brand new stories of women facing serious issues - emotional, physical, mental or circumstantial - as they navigate their nine-month journey through pregnancy.

Topics explored during the all new season of I'M PREGNANT AND... include:

 I'M PREGNANT AND...My Husband Wants to Become a Woman

On the surface, Brandy and Josh look like a happy young couple expecting a new baby.  But behind closed doors, they are hiding a huge secret-Josh wants to be a woman.  For the past six months, Josh has been undergoing treatments to become a woman by taking estrogen shots, while Brandy suffers from trichotillomania, a disorder of obsessive hair pulling, which she covers up with a wig.  Will the birth of their son lead Josh to consider the possible repercussions of his gender confusion?  Will Josh and Brandy be able to learn how to live honestly with each other and their newborn baby?  Or will this family be destroyed by secrets?


I'M PREGNANTAND...A Little Person

At 4 feet 2 inches, Nadea Fox is coping with the difficulties of being pregnant while having achondroplasia dwarfism.  The father of the baby is no longer in her life, but since he is average sized, Nadea may have a full-size baby.  Regardless of how big the baby is when he is born, Nadea will be forced have a C-section, as her pelvis is too narrow to give birth any other way.  And since her spine is more compressed than that of an average-size woman, complications arise when she is being given the anesthesia for the surgery.  Will Nadea and the baby be okay, and what size will the baby be at birth? 


I'M PREGNANTAND...Addicted to Crystal Meth

Crystal meth has all but destroyed Katy Irmen's life.  Having struggled as a meth addict for the past 10 years, Katy finds herself pregnant.  Though she struggles to stay clean, Katy has already relapsed twice during her pregnancy, and is being released from a full-time residential rehab facility to face the realities of her life and her addiction on her own.  This episode of I'M PREGNANT AND... follows Katy's journey as she returns home, reunites with old friends and confides in fellow addicts.  As she struggles with her own recovery, Katy also comes to terms with how her meth addiction may have affected the health of her unborn child.  When the baby arrives, Katy must learn to juggle the pressures of caring for a newborn while dealing with the rigorous demands of addiction treatment.  If Katy relapses again, she would not only face prison time, she would also lose the most precious thing in her life-her newborn daughter.


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