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Shocking Family Secrets

Premieres November 22 at 10 PM ET/PT

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Every family has a secret...but how far will people go to protect these secrets?  And how do they move past the truth once it is uncovered?  SHOCKING FAMILY SECRETS explores real stories of deception, mystery, and scandal that are hidden just beneath the surface of what appear, from the outside, to be ordinary family lives.  From kidnapped children reared in hiding, to married cousins, to fugitive moms, SHOCKING FAMILY SECRETS pulls back the curtain of normalcy to unravel the deeply buried mysteries behind these twisted family betrayals and tearful family reunions, while revealing how - and why - these secrets were kept in the first place.  These concealed narratives are not only unbelievably shocking, they are also disturbingly true.  Every family has a secret...and the secret could be you.