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- Popularity and success of digital network DNews leads to launch of DNews en Español -

September 12, 2016

Contact - Claire Shirley
Communications Coordinator

MIAMI – Discovery Communications announced today the launch of DNews en Español, extending the popular digital network to more audiences across the globe. DNews en Español, presented by Discovery Digital Network’s online brand Seeker, will deliver compelling, short-form explainers from medical breakthroughs to science discoveries. 

“Seeker is committed to programming content that inspires bright, curious minds globally. DNews en Español is the perfect way to take our existing powerful franchises and make them even more accessible for our audience and future fans,” said Suzanne Kolb, EVP & General Manager for Discovery Digital Networks. 

Mirroring the purpose-driven mission of parent company Discovery Communications, DNews has spurred and satisfied curiosity since its launch in 2012 to become the digital destination for science news, current events and everyday questions, boasting more than 400 million views to date. As audiences worldwide continue turning to digital platforms to consume media, the Spanish version of the popular source of provocative programming will further captivate curious minds everywhere. DNews en Español will deliver a rich offering of material to Spanish-speaking audiences through several weekly episodes on the YouTube channel.  

“We are excited to launch our first digital native channel on YouTube, targeting millennial audiences. This is an incredible opportunity to complement our existing Discovery brand ecosystem, and offer integrations to our Discovery Latin America and US Hispanics advertisers,” said Ivan Bargueiras, Executive Vice President of Ad Sales. 

Programming available on DNews en Español at launch includes: Why parents should stop spoiling their kids (¿Porque los padres deben dejar consentir tanto a sus hijos?); What happens when a fly lands on your food (¿Que pasa cuando una mosca se para en tu comida?); What really happened to cause the extinction of the dinosaurs (¿Que cuaso verdaderamente la extinción de los dinosaurios?) and much more.

Branded content sponsors of DNews en Español’s launch include Samsung and Casa de Moneda, out of Mexico.

About Seeker 

Seeker is a network for a new generation of bright and curious minds, inviting them to share openly and evolve their understanding of our world. Part of Discovery Communications award-winning digital portfolio, which also includes SourceFed Studios and Discovery VR, Seeker features daily shows, weekly series, web docs and live online events that engages millennial audiences across digital and social platforms. Seek for yourself at